Pandion Axiel


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7′ and 8′ are new models that arrives in stock in spring 2023

The Pandion Axial rods is made with one goal, and that was to make a rod with the highest performance in terms of casting.

The result is the Axial rods. The second you pick one up and flick it in the air, you know, that this is a canon…

The super fast and crisp action will send your lure into the horizon with power, but still keeping the rod sensitive and delicate.

It is surprisingly light weight, due to the special way we have designed the blank, which is made in 45 ton HM/UD Japanese carbon. We have added an extra layer of woven carbo to the 2 bottom sections for extra power when casting max distance and of course fighting big fish….well, let’s be honest, you will probably do more casting than fighting…..

The rod is beautiful deep petrol blue with matching thread and fittings.

The rods are in 4 pcs for easy transportation, and each joint is genuine Spigot for maximum strength and minimal effect on the rod action. And they do, of course come in a cordura transportation tube.

The light weight Single leg, High Profile, Non-Tangle guides adds to the performance of this rod.

Handle is of quality Portuguese cork.

The Axial rods is made especially for the spin fisher, that looks for a high performance, long casting rod like when you’re searching for Seatrout or Sea Bass along the coast. This could be your next best friend….

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