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Newton is our latest Powerhouse of a reel. It is a reel build for battling the fish of your dream.

Newton is also the name of a famous Mathematician and Scientist that is known for his work describing the mechanism of force via his 3 physical laws of motion publish in 1687.

Strength and force are something we have build into this reel, so it felt natural to call it Newton, to pay a tribute to this magnificent mind of the past!

This reel has been tested and re-tested on several species in both salt and freshwater, and after battling fish like Tarpon, Dorado, False Albacore, Bonefish, Striped Bass, Atlantic Salmon, Seatrout and several other strong species during the test phase, we can truly say that the Newton reel is ready to meet your needs.

During tests the Newton reel has performed perfectly no matter the situation, species or environment.

The reel is CNC cut from High Grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, an expensive material and production method, but it ensures the highest strength combined with low weight. On top of that we have build the house in a combination of High strength woven carbon fiber and Aluminum. The Carbon Fiber is of course very light and 100 % saltwater proof, but it is also immensely strong if used the correct way. Just look at a modern Formula 1 racing car or even passenger airplanes, which are today made of this material. It is the same method and ground material we use in our reels.

The house is a full frame house for maximum strength, stability and to prevent the Flyline/runningline sliding off the spool and down behind the spool onto and around the main shaft…..especially annoying if you use shooting heads and thin runninglines. The full frame eliminates this. The full frame does add extra weight to a flyreel, but sometimes we think the plusses from the functionality of the full frame design are greater than the minus from the added weight – especially when we expect a reel also to be used in saltwater and with shooting head systems.

The spool is “V” cut, to make space for extra backing, which is necessary when targeting some of the “torpedoes of the saltwater and freshwater world”.

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