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7′ is a new model that arrives in stock in spring 2023

The Feline (The name of the family of Cats – Felidae in Latin) is, as the name indicates, a high performance, elegant, fast action series of rods with a tremendous sensitivity.

This is what you want if you’re fishing with lighter gear; a perfect connection with your lure in the water, and the Feline rods is made especially for that.

The rods are built on fly rod blanks, that we have modified a bit – mainly by adding extra power to the butt section – and it is exactly these blanks that gives these rods the superb sensitivity.

Apart from being very light, superbly balanced and super sensitive it is also casting like a dream due to the deep, yet fast action that the fly blank delivers.

The blank is made of 45 ton HM/UD Japanese Carbon all in stealthy matt black and with an extra “power layer” of woven carbon on the 2 bottom sections.

The rods are in 4 pcs for easy transportation, and each joint is genuine Spigot for maximum strength and minimal effect on the rod action. And they do, of course come in a cordura transportation tube.

The light weight Single leg, High Profile, Non-Tangle guides adds to the performance of this rod.

Handle is of quality Portuguese cork.


The Feline rods is made for the spin fisher, that looks for a high performance, light weight fishing tool, with the feeling known from fly fishing….If you’re such a guy or girl, then take a closer look at the Feline rods.

If you’re looking for at rod for UL spin fishing for fish like Perch or Trout in lakes, streams and of course the sea, then have a look at the 8’6” model……it is something special……

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8' 4-16 g, 8'6" 2-10