Quick Shoot – Intermediate/Float


Line Class Length of Runningline Length of Head Weight Total length
5 18,5 m 8,5 m 12,5 g 27,0 m
6 18,5 m 8,5 m 14,8 g 27,0 m
7 18,5 m 8,5 m 16,0 g 27,0 m
8 18,5 m 8,5 m 19,0 g 27,0 m
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As the name implies, this is a type of line that can be sent off very quickly.

Due to the special taper, the rod loads from the first blind cast, meaning you need less back cast before you let it fly.

This line put the term ”cast like a rocket” to a whole new level. We have tested this design for 2 years, changing the taper bit for bit. We knew we had someting special in this design, and kept pushing it to see how extreme we could go, and still keep it a pleasure to fishing/casting. The outcome was the Quick Shoot, a line design, that we are sure will be the favorite for many anglers. When showing it to our dealers, they were all amazed….this is something special.

It is hard to describe in words what this line is, the best thing would be for you to try it to undertstand it, and then be prepared for something unusual and really powerful.

When that is said, this line line is not for the slow/deep action flyrods. This is a line will require the modern fast action rods to be able to perform. If you have a slow action rod, you should therefore not go for the Quick Shoot lines, instead you should look at the I-Conic or the Delicacy lines….

The head is rather short, 8,5 m, with a lot of power and a great aerial performance.

The Floating lines are 2 colored with a Light Olive head and a Fluo. Blue runningline.

polyester, 8% elastan. Behandlad med ekologisk impregnering – Bionic Finish® Eco för extra vatten- och smutsavstötande egenskaper.

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5, 6, 7, 8